See Adrian and Jessy Share a Pocket Pussy in New Jalif Studios Scene

The horny studs need to get off, even with their friend napping in the same room.

Jessy and Adrian can’t help themselves sometimes… When they’re turned on, they need to cum, regardless of who’s around and whether or not the camera is on them! When Jessy, Leo, and their friend, Adrian, head in after a day of being out in the sun, they’re all aching for some action and ready to get busy with each other in a moment’s notice.


Leo and Adrian begin by playfully making out, compelling Jessy to pull out his cock and watch. Leo is desperate for a nap, but Adrian needs to get off now! He can’t resist Jessy’s hard cock, taking it into his mouth and sucking it down. Adrian continues to swallow Jessy’s meat, getting him rock hard in his shorts…


The two lie side by side, stroking their cocks as they get closer to orgasm. They each take turns fucking a pocket pussy, enjoying the view while they pump into the soft, fleshy toy. They press their bodies closer together, jerking off as they get each other excited, curious to see who will cum first!

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