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Carnal Media Announces New Site, Releases First-Look Trailer for ScoutBoys

by Mark Durane

Finding things to be grateful for is a far easier task at this point in 2020 than it was even two months ago. Joe Biden is America’s new President-Elect; Dolly Parton and Christine Baranski teamed up for a fever dream of a Christmas movie, while elsewhere every network raced to produce holiday films that prove gay men can be just as cliche-riddled as straights; and we all have an excuse to not interact with our tedious families for the holidays this year!

But here’s one last-minute addition to your #grateful list: New Carnal Media site ScoutBoys.com, a deliriously pervy new take on scouts and scoutmasters. The site comes from Carnal Media founders Legrand and Jay Wolf, who created FunSizeBoys, Gaycest, TwinkTop, BoyForSale, and GrowlBoys, and who originally got their start by creating MormonBoyz and later Family Dick (though those last two properties haven’t been in their control since early 2018).

“My husband Jay and I not only grew up Mormon, we also grew up participating in the scouting program,” Wolf says. Pointing out that scouting programs often coincide in a young man’s life with his sexual awakening, the two Eagle Scouts have long had a scouts series on their wish list, but wanted to make sure they did it right. 

ScoutBoys is a special site that requires several things,” Wolf says. “You have to fundamentally understand the scouting program and its appeal as a boy. If you weren’t a scout who went through the entire program, you probably don’t understand the innocent eroticism. Basically anyone can do gay scout porn badly. Throw a few boys in some crummy-looking scouting knockoff stuff with a kerchief, and film them in a tent. The moment we launch ScoutBoys another puppymill porn operation looking to add some gay content to their portfolio will do exactly that. But it takes a lot more to play outdoors in ways that feel like authentic scouting.”

“We went into the woods in a way that you can’t replicate very easily by renting some campgrounds,” Wolf says. “Our studio has been able to expand so much that we’ve built the Carnal Boys Scout Camp for Elite Scouts and had lots of fun trailblazing and clearing underbrush. Basically doing things that we actually did when we were scouts.”

While they did the hard work of creating campgrounds from scratch—utilizing the skills they actually learned during their scouting days—Carnal Media fans contributed in their own ways. “The Mormon Church was very heavily involved in scouting,” Wolf says. “And for eight or nine years now, ever since the Mormon-themed site we started became popular, not only do we get Mormon temple clothes sent to us directly, tons of fans have sent us their scouting uniforms and their badges and their sashes (some from the ’40s and ’50s, though most from the ’60s and ’70s), asking us when we will launch a scout-themed site.”

All of those uniforms owned by the creators and their fans can be seen in the upcoming releases. And as excited as fans may be to dive into a new Carnal Media fantasy world, the models were just as thrilled to do so as well.

“When we were putting up the tents and doing the various activities and teaching people rope climbing and orienteering, everyone loved it,” Wolf says. “From their standpoint, models said it felt like they were actually at scout camp. They told us it felt like you were just hanging with the guys, and just like it was for us when we were actually scouts the eroticism naturally grew out of it. You’re joking around and having a good time and, before you know it, horny guys are fooling around. When you propose we go into a tent, everyone’s into it. So the energy was really there, a lot of sexual chemistry that was very easy to tap into.”

Full disclosure: Legrand Wolf is the publisher of The Gay Goods, which is not part of Carnal Media.

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