I Don’t Need to See That!: A Recent Headline Sampler From Str8UpGayPorn

Do you like your porn with a side of COVID fatalities, a splash of Florida, or a sprinkle of abuse?

We’re all for a well-balanced diet when it comes to online entertainment (that’s our whole deal!), but some curation is always appreciated. There’s nothing wrong with living that click-hungry life but… well, see for yourself. Presented, without comment: The headlines you and your semi are likely to encounter while browsing the latest in porn releases on a popular website…

  • Lawyer Arrested And Disbarred After Soliciting Prostitution From Imprisoned Pedophile He Met At Porn Convention In Florida (Of Course)
  • Hospital Workers Report PTSD Symptoms, “Nightmares Of Stacking Bodies”
  • MyPillow Crackhead Has Meltdown During Interview With Right Wing Propaganda Network
  • Half Of Moscow’s 12 Million Residents Have Had COVID
  • Ex-QAnon Member Apologizes To Anderson Cooper For Believing He Ate Babies
  • Ghislaine Maxwell Forced Girls Into Lurid Performances For Jeffrey Epstein, Court Docs Reveal

And this one, which includes an image…

  • Texas DPS Sends Out Amber Alert For Chucky Doll

I don’t know about you, but I don’t need to cum now. I definitely need a hug, though.

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