Growl Boys: Young Brody Flogged and Edged in New ‘Lost Boys’ Chapter

Struggling to reconcile his sense of self with his imprisonment, Brody finds himself losing his sense of reality.

“Lost Boys” takes Brody through intense trials as he awaits his release from captivity, only to lose hope of any such freedom. When Korzark returns, he takes the young man to a secret room in the depths of the facility where he can coach the scared Promethean on how to hold on to his will while learning to control his tolerance for pain.


Through flogging and restraints, Brody awakens a new sense of power he never thought he had, one that finds him a second wind and new perspective on power and pleasure. Under the older satyr’s guidance, Brody sees that he can control his fear and let go of his anger and rage. And, in the process, opening him up to a head space that frees him from his physical bonds.

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Korzark rewards the young man with love and affection, reminding him that he’s more than animal and more than a man. As a Promethean, he’s something greater.

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