Escort James Fox Flip-Fucks Client Ethan Chase at His Office

There's one benefit to having to go into an office again—the chance to get some fresh ZIP code dick!

Personally, I’ve never had an office job that wasn’t so soul-crushing that even the act of getting my dick out in the restroom to piss didn’t seem depressing—let alone bending over a desk and getting fucked. Turns out it’s hard to be horny when your boss is calling you stupid—and not in a sexy dom way.

But god bless the men who find a bareback encounter in the confines of an office space sexy and erotic! Ethan Chase is so turned on alone at his desk that he goes to and orders delivery: James Fox. As so many men in porn now seem to, Ethan films their encounter—which includes some deepthroating, flip-fucking, and plenty of flexing. What else could you expect from two sexy as hell men?

I wonder if the cleaning crew is hot, too.

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