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Young Innocent Man Sucked and Fucked by Gruff Daddy Bear Bishop Angus

by Tony Bullock

Grandmaster Angus put Blue back on his knees and presented him with a bowl of water and a cloth. He ordered Blue to take off his shoes and wash his feet.

It seemed like an old-fashioned display of reverence, but the young apprentice understood and appreciated it. He liked being able to show his respect for the powerful man, and washing his feet was the least he could do. Of course, this ritual only lasted a short while.


Grandmaster Angus stood up, playing with his bulge as he began to get erect. The apprentice knew this would be a moment to prove himself and stay focused on his task. Angus told him to wash the rest of him, and Apprentice Blue helped him remove his clothes.

Angus was a big man. Thick and muscular and covered in a dark, masculine fur. As Blue ran a washcloth over him, he saw the hairs lay flat against his skin, making him seem even more like a beast. His heavy, full chest, prominent muscle belly, and wide thighs gave him a powerful presence that made Blue’s cock stand at attention.

Seeing this, Angus stood the boy up on his feet and sat down on the edge of the bed. Agnus took Blue’s cock in his mouth, holding it up by the boy’s balls and feeling his shaft move past his whiskered lips and deep to the back of his throat. The apprentice felt himself tremble with pleasure, surprised by the man’s direct action and overcome with sexual desire.

The grandmaster pulled off Blue’s ceremonial gown, placing him on all fours on the bed with his ass presented up. The round, smooth, soft cushiony backside was enough to make Angus’ already wet mouth flood with saliva. He could hardly contain his hunger when he leaned in and began to devour Blue’s ass.

Grandmaster Angus turned Blue on his back, lifting his legs up and sliding his tool deep inside. After being rimmed and teased, the apprentice took the older man like butter taking a knife. Without any resistance or tension, the young men felt the grandmaster fill his hole and begin to pound him hard and deep with his bare cock.

This was what he was waiting for. This was the moment he knew that he’d prove his worth…

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