Enjoy Kurtis Wolfe Enjoying Attention From Cazden Hunter and Liam Cyber After a Sweaty Gym Session

Why do I always end up at the gym with the guys who smell like day-old beer and exude an aggressive air of "no homo"?


Maybe getting fucked is the kind of post-workout cool down I need—god knows I can’t be bothered to stretch after exercising any other way. At least this is a real incentive, especially seeing how workout buddies Cazden Hunter and Liam Cyber worship Kurtis Wolfe’s cock.

But these two need more than just Kurtis’ impressive dick. Before long, Liam is deep dicking Cazden. And then it’s Kurtis’ turn to be balls deep in him, before they all shoot their loads. But who gets whose cum? Well, you’ll have to watch to find out.







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