Master Dallas Steele Breaks River in With His Daddy Dick

Finally freed from his cage, River is desperate to serve Master Dallas Steele.

River sits in his cage wearing just a leather collar and a skimpy black jockstrap, patiently waiting for his Master. The hard floor is cold on his bare behind and the excitement and anticipation starts to wake up his soft cock. A small bulge starts forming. Master Steele finally walks in the room and examines his new property, opens the cage, and instructs the boy to stand before him. He toys with the slave’s bulge briefly, teasing him, then makes his first demand to be undressed

Eager to please his master, River quickly gets to work, knowing the sooner he gets Master Steele naked, the sooner he gets to feel that manly cock fill him up. Master Steele knows River still needs training, and chastises him for rushing the sensual process of taking off his business suit. He enjoys toying with the boy, his massive bulge growing and starting to protrude more and more from his tight white briefs. River catches a glimpse and eagerly dives mouth first onto the briefs.

He catches the musky smell of a long day at work between Master’s legs. He is hungry to taste Master’s dick, and it is torture waiting for Master to give him permission to free it from the now stretched underwear. Before he can taste the master’s manhood, he must finish undressing him. Like a good slave, he removes Master Steel’s pants and folds them neatly on the bed, then removes his dress socks, one at a time, and lingering on the sexy bare feet. He waits patiently on his knees for his reward. Tension builds and Master Steele finally rips off his restricting undies, revealing a rock hard cock busting out of the last thin layer of clothing holding it back. Before he can devour it, Master Steele lifts him up in a feat of manly strength and gives him a passionate kiss.

Now, it’s time to please the master and show him what a good slave boy can do. River gets on his hands and knees, his ass hanging high in the air and perfectly framed in his jock, and slides Master Steele’s thick cock past his sweet lips and down his warm, wet throat. He gags and chokes a bit as he eagerly attempts to take the entire manhood in his mouth. Getting Master’s cock nice and wet with spit, River sucks and strokes the tasty dick, making Master moan in pleasure until his cock is rock hard and ready to split open his slave boy.

Master Steel lays back and slowly lowers his slave’s perfect little hole onto his thick meat. It is warm and tight on his bare cock. River immediately begins whimpering through the mix of pleasure and pain as he rides his Master’s meaty cock and adjusts to the feeling of it deep in his almost virgin hole. Master Steele flips his slave onto his stomach, his back arched and ass up and inviting, practically begging for more. He commands River to open up for him as he slides back in and really starts pounding him deep and hard.

He continually hits River’s spot, making the boy yelp and moan. River knows he is going to have to work extra hard if he wants the ultimate reward of Master Steele’s cum. The thrusting intensifies and the deep masculine grunts escaping from Master Steele’s lips let River know he is close to reaching orgasm. Like a good boy, he completely gives his hole up to his Master, bringing him right to the brink of ecstasy. Master Steels swiftly pulls his cock out of the boy hole and unloads rope after rope of hot, sweet cum all over the boy’s ass and used hole. But he is not done yet. He slides back inside, just to make sure River knows he is only there to please and serve. Bored now, Master Steele walks his slave boy back to his cage, tosses him in and locks the door, leaving River to once again curl up on the cold floor and play with his used and wrecked hole that is covered in cum until he is needed again.

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