Coach Bishop Angus’s Ass Belongs to Twinks Cole and Lucas

Coach Angus has already been put in his place, but it never hurts to give an older man a reminder that he is meant to service younger men.

Lucas has already topped Coach Angus, but it never hurts to get some extra training. Cole has come with him, and he’s armed with several buttplugs and a dildo to help Lucas learn a bit more about dominating their mentor.

Soon, however, the toys get tossed aside and the coach is on his knees, sucking the boys’ dicks in turn. It’s not top training without topping the man, so Cole presses his heavy meat into the older man’s ass while Lucas occupies Coach’s mouth. The boys swap places so Lucas can get some training of his own, and soon both young fellows are painting Coach’s beard with two huge loads of cum.

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