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Creamy Rowan’s Adventure In The World Of Adult Content

by Hayden
Rowan looking to the left with his cat on his shoulder

In the ever-evolving landscape of the adult entertainment industry, there’s a name that stands out—CreamyBros co-founder “Creamy Rowan.” This Canadian sensation has left an indelible mark on the scene, boasting an impressive following of over 53,000 devoted fans on X. (formerly Twitter.) With mark affiliations ranging from renowned distributors like PurgatoryX.com to collaborations with fellow stars such as Dillon Roman, Diego Silva, ItsBen (Rawr_itsben), and Max Lorde, Creamy Rowan is in demand in this provocative realm.

But what sets Creamy Rowan apart from the rest? It’s not just his distinctive career trajectory that’s catching the eye of fans worldwide. In an exclusive Q&A session, I dive deep into the life of this self-proclaimed “gay-for-pay” performer, who’s unapologetically straight but tantalizingly bi-curious. From his early days in camming to his groundbreaking work with Patrick Leblanc, Creamy Rowan opens up about launching a website that’s set to revolutionize the world of adult content, catering to the straight/jock worship niche with a focus on muscle worship, humiliation, and stud worship. 

Can you tell me about your journey into the adult entertainment industry and what motivated you to start CreamyBros?

I grew up in Toronto, Canada, and my entry into the industry happened at 18 while I was dating a stripper. We moved in together, struggling with high rent, and that’s when I discovered camming. Because of my girlfriend’s job, I felt comfortable trying it out. Our first live stream hit 40,000 viewers and went viral when the bed broke right before my big moment (the cumshot). And after that, well, the rest is history!

So you were naturally comfortable in front of the camera naked?

That first livestream was my first foray into being on camera naked, besides the occasional Snapchat dick pic. The pressure of a live audience was intense at first, but I think the adrenaline actually turned me on more. 

Was this the first time you received attention on this big of scale (40,000 views)?

Yes. I had no expectations going into it, and I was hoping to make enough money to fund our next date night. After the first livestream, we made it a consistent thing, and that led to us bringing more people in to work with us and broadening my horizons with pornography. 

I’m assuming the OnlyFans part came next? Or was it CreamyBros?

Pornhub came first, and then I realized we could be making money passively with monthly subscriptions using OnlyFans. CreamyBros was actually born accidentally. One of my childhood friends was over for my birthday, and we decided to try out a guy-only stream with myself, him, and Matt on a Chaturbate account we created last minute called CreamyBros, an homage to the original channel ‘WhippedCreamy.’ We were met with an overwhelmingly positive reception, and I realized something was there. I was used to being a stunt cock in straight porn, and only at the moment did I experience being the object of lust.

Did this moment have you questioning your heterosexuality? Or were you already publicly bi-curious/gay-for-pay?

Prior to the male-only live streams, I had experimented with swinging, swapping, and had become comfortable being around other men naked. While it didn’t make me question my heterosexuality, it did make me open to new experiences. It took a long time for me to have my first sexual experience with other guys.

I feel like not many guys can say they’ve been the “object of lust.” What does being the “object of lust” mean to you?

It’s actually a very strange feeling. Being given money oftentimes in exchange for nothing, having admiration and validation thrown your way in massive quantities, people articulating the way you turn them on and how crazy you drive them sexually, just by being you.

"Creamy Rowan" receiving oral from Evan Peix and Matt Luscious

Matt Luscious (left), Rowan (center), and Evan Peix (right) (via CreamyBros)

Have you faced anything negative while pursuing this?

Luckily, I haven’t lost any friends. I’ve definitely felt the stigma during social interactions and feel many people make assumptions about me or my character based on my occupation. I’ve never had any trust issues develop from my experience with porn. Working with my girlfriend caused me to let go of jealousy. It led me to experience a sexually open relationship, and this lack of jealousy has carried over into future relationships. As far as my parent’s reaction… yeah, it was one of disapproval.

What are the goals of CreamyBros? 

The idea behind CreamyBros is that, similarly to an OnlyFans account, models can do things themselves. The challenge of learning how to develop a PaySite, secure affiliates, film scenes, do photography, and promote a website has been a fulfilling learning experience with a lot of valuable utility to me as a person with aspirations in this industry. This path liberates us from sharing cuts with producers or web admins and grants us the security and independence of autonomy.

We like the dynamic and convenience of doing OnlyFans collabs and then also being able to shoot for our site with fellow models. It not only opens an additional stream of revenue for us but also diversifies the content we can offer to our collective audiences. 

The goal is to increase our production value, film more dope scenes, and for me personally to expand into creating more specialized niche sites with the skill and knowledge base I’ve acquired from building and running CreamyBros.

Do you ever see yourself leaving this industry?

I’m 23 currently, so not anytime soon. Eventually, I’d like to be in a more production/management focused position with fewer performance obligations as a model. I also have ambitions inspired by my experiences as an adult performer to one day study to become a sexologist. 

Do you have a preference for which content you like performing in? 

I prefer straight content because those are the sexual encounters that I pursue in my personal life. However, I’m also a big fan of bi-content involving me being a dom. I love threesomes, foursomes, orgies. My all-time favorite position is definitely missionary. I adore the intimacy of it. I also like the solo fetish content involving domination, gay, straight, whatever; it’s the domination that gets me off. 

As an adult performer, what’s your favorite content to watch?

I love threesome content or sub-dom content of any variety. I used to be borderline addicted to porn which probably contributed to my life choices, so I’ve pretty much seen and jerked to it all.

How do you get ready for a scene?

For me, the best and only preparation is not jerking off for at least 24 hours beforehand. Sometimes I’ll edge myself around 15 minutes before a scene to “prime” myself, I find it makes it easier to get into a state of arousal and easier to cum this way, and I cum more. Sometimes, I take Cialis.

Since a lot of the content is “raw,” how do you avoid pregnancy and diseases?

In Canada, it’s free to get bloodwork and STD testing, so we are just upfront with our doctors and ask for biweekly blood and urine panels. Many of the performers we work with are from the U.S. and use Talent Testing Service or comparable companies to show us their clean blood work. It’s funny because most people assume that sex workers are more likely to carry STIs/STDs, but sex workers have their livelihoods depend on being clean. The pool of people from whom they have sex is in the same boat, so I believe sex workers are some of the most diligent when it comes to staying safe. 

What has been your favorite scene to perform in?

My personal favorite would have to be the massage parlor trilogy (PurgatoryX: My Wife’s Massage) I did. I would say, however, that my Pornhub group sex or four-way scenes were the most fun for me to participate in.

"Creamy Rowan"/Rowan Rails posing alongside co-stars for the My Wife's Massage Trilogy

Markus Kage (left), Samantha Creams (center left), Matt Luscious (center right), and Rowan (far right) (via PurgatoryX)

How does the company come up with new ideas for scenes?

Sometimes, it’s spontaneous; sometimes, it’s determined by where we are and who we’re with. Often, we post on our personal OnlyFans pages and get input on general scene ideas or scenarios people want to see, and we try to accommodate as much variety as we can.

If you could make a scene with any pornstar, who would it be?

A male pornstar? Malik Delgaty—I think he is the pinnacle of the jock/dom archetype. If it was a female, Abella Danger, I just think she’s ridiculously sexy. 

Do you see yourself bottoming for a scene?

Probably not. It’s just not me. I have a dominant personality when it comes to sex, and while I’m open to exploration, bottoming is the polar opposite of what I like to do. That being said, I have recently been experimenting with getting my ass eaten and using small toys. 

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How would you describe your fan base? What’s that experience been like?

My fan base is amazing and diverse. I think all of them perceive me in a slightly different light. Some of them want to see me bottom, some love viewing me as a straight alpha, some are women, some love me for my feet, and others for my body hair. I’ve had the opportunity to really connect over a long time with a number of my fans and have built lasting friendships. It’s a strange experience because of the position I’m in as someone being given money based on my looks. It’s fun to have conversations and get to know everyone and their preferences. 

Can you discuss the challenges and opportunities in building a community around adult content?

I can only speak to my experience, and for me, I think the reason I’ve developed the fanbase that I have was initially because of camming, and was furthered by the exposure from collabs I’ve done.

I think people will be drawn to you for specific reasons based on their specific preferences, so you will end up with the right fans as long as you are present enough online to be seen by them in the first place.

What have been the most significant lessons you’ve learned in your career in the adult industry? 

I’ve learned to understand the porn business is the same as any other business. I’ve learned that dating is complicated when you do porn for a living. Sex can be very casual, very intimate, or anything in between. Also, I’ve learned that becoming desensitized to sex changes your perspectives on sex in interpersonal relationships. I’ve been exposed to such a variety of lifestyles, fetishes, sexual preferences, and experiences that I’ve started to appreciate the depth and complexity of human psychology as it pertains to sexuality. 

How do you handle issues related to privacy and the stigma associated with adult entertainment, both personally and as a company?

Unfortunately, I live in a small town, so privacy is out the window. Pretty much everyone around me knows what I do for a living. I think being a contributing member of your community and giving people no choice but to recognize your good character will make even the most judgmental people show you respect.

"Creamy Rowan" with Max Lorde during a scene

Creamy Rowan (left) and Max Lorde (right) (via CreamyBros)

When asked about it, I am truthful and transparent, and I think people generally recognize that someone’s career doesn’t define their identity and can look past it and make an assessment of you based on your behavior and their interactions with you rather than things they’ve heard.

What advice would you give someone looking to enter the adult entertainment industry or start their own adult content production company?

I think a lot of people see highly publicized articles about people getting rich on OnlyFans or by doing porn and make the assumption that it’s a guaranteed get-rich-quick scheme. I would advise most people to really consider whether or not they want to commit to having that sort of material accessible forever on the internet, especially if they earn less than they expected. 

That being said, I would encourage them to get in touch with creators who inspire them, to find their niche and roll with it, and if they want to start a site, I would suggest doing an online videography course as a starting point. I would also suggest that they stay true to themselves and do what they enjoy personally because it will allow them to enjoy the process and give the most longevity to their career. The best piece of advice I could probably give would be to watch lots and lots of porn. And when they’ve had enough, to go watch more. And when they’ve done that, subscribe to a couple of high-performing sites or pages and see what they do to succeed.  Learn by example.

What is one fact about you that many people don’t know?

I have a baby pet cow in my backyard; I adore cows.

What future plans do you have?

My new project is in collaboration with the one and only Patrick Leblanc. The free OnlyFans page is @straightjocks, and the website is called straightdom.com. It’s going to be content featuring him, myself, and many other guys who fit the “straight dominant jock” archetype all under one umbrella page. There are lots of muscle worship videos, domination dirty talk, and all sorts of dom fetish content—all with the hottest straight content creators out there. 

It’s also a good avenue for us to find lots of amateur straight guys who have never done porn and would have no interest in doing gay porn but wouldn’t mind jerking off or doing muscle worship videos. Think, that tattooed guy at the gym, the mechanic who works on your car—a lot of straight guys are open to getting paid to get naked but don’t want to do anything gay, and this is exactly why we are making this site. It’s also the most authentic to Leblanc and I’s personal preferences, and we love getting worshiped.




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