Corner Boy: Jerry Falwell Jr Likes to Watch

No, it's not gay to like to watch.

Jerry Falwell Jr and Giancarlo Granda (Courtesy Good Morning America/ABC)

As Julia Sugarbaker told ol’ homophobe Imogene in an early episode of Designing Women that dealt with AIDS: “I’m gonna have to ask you to move your car…. Because you’re leaving.” Well, this week Liberty University asked Jerry Falwell Jr. to move his car from the president’s reserved spot in the parking lot, take his reported $10.5 million severance package, and cry into his swimming pool of coins like a more Christian, less foreign Scrooge McDuck.

Except there’s another swimming pool dweller who has been the focus in the weeks leading up to Falwell’s abrupt fall from grace. 

As so many do, this story begins with a pool boy. This pool boy is named—much like a true Tennessee Williams drifter-grifter—Giancarlo Granda. But unlike a Williams play, Granda did not service a closeted evangelical in between fiery sermons on the dangers of homosexuality. Falwell, as far as anyone knows, is not a closeted gay man who has been paying for the skilled services of a slender young man over the course of several years. Falwell has committed nothing more serious than… he likes to watch. As usual, this fall from grace is as warranted as it is incorrectly justified. Specifically, Falwell liked to watch Granda service Falwell’s wife, Becki. (Granda’s perhaps unsurprising public take on their first interaction is that he thought it was “creepy.”) The fallout of this has been severe, no matter whose side you believe. Some sources report that the Falwells were blackmailed with incriminating photos in exchange for Falwell’s support of Donald Trump’s 2016 presidential candidacy. The Falwells claim they were targeted by Granda himself. And Granda says that he drifted out of the Falwell’s lives after a business deal went south. 

Regardless, the press has had a feeding frenzy with the sordid details—Granda even stopped by Good Morning America to share his story. But what has been minimized or glossed over or plain ignored in most of the reporting is that Falwell did not engage in a homosexual affair with Granda; nor did the couple invite Granda into a threesome. Falwell was simply one of hundreds of thousands of men who is sexually aroused by being a cuckold, watching another man make love to his wife. (Sounds great for Becki, until everything came to light and Jerry Jr. zipped up, wiped off, and pinned the blame on her, saying it was an extramarital affair.) And like so many sexual kinks that deviate even slightly more the norm, this one has ruffled feathers on both sides of the aisle to such an extent that most reporters don’t even care to engage with it.

Well, guess what: If you want to watch a 20-year-old man fuck your wife—aka two consensual adults having sex—then that is your right and privilege. But maybe don’t build an entire career as part of an evangelical dynasty at the same time you’re off in the corner, dick out and eyes wide.

And if you want to watch a man enjoying the sight of two horny adults fucking, why not try this video?

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