Cole Blue Submits to Intense Spanking Session From Felix Kamp

Bishop Angus watches as Cole proves how obedient he can be during the process of joining the fun sect of the Masons.

The first time Kamp’s hand made contact with Cole’s ass, it was a broad, stinging smack, shooting a spark of pain up Cole’s body through his spine. He felt his muscles tighten, holding themselves taut in an attempt to protect himself. It took a while for him to relax again, though he knew that would not help. A second, identical smack came, right where the first one hit, and it seemed to take on twice as much feeling.


Cole’s poor ass endured it again and again, each time making his body tense up. He instinctively looked to Grandmaster Angus, as if looking for help. But Angus’ eyes were cold, studying him, curious what more Cole could take. Cole held on to Kamp’s leg, gripping him to keep from writhing. But all it did was inspire Kamp to continue.

He pulled down the boy’s underwear, rubbing his reddened, delicate ass as he felt the boy hold back the urge to scream and cry. Cole could feel himself begin to shake, trembling as he felt himself reach his limit. He tried to hold on, though. He didn’t want something as small as a spanking to keep him from proving himself.

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