Foot Lover Chris Damned Buries His Face in Max Lorde’s

More videos of porn stars getting off on their real-life kinks, please!

Porn studios seem to routinely forget that audiences can tell if a performer isn’t into a kink (or a partner, for that matter). Too often we watch guys go through the motions. They’re all professionals, so they get the job done, hut they’re lacking the fire that makes for an instantly iconic fuck scene.

That is not the case with this Gentleman’s Closet video, featuring Max Lorde and proud foot lover Chris Damned.

Watching these two enjoy the hell out of the thing that turns them on is erotic enough, and then add in Max in hosiery and Chris’ fat uncut French dick, and you have the kind of scene you turn to on long dark nights. Heres to many more of those!

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