Ogle Jax Thirio’s Perfect Body as He Fucks Tom Bentley

No frills, just dicks and cum and muscle. And honestly, what more do you need from any gay porn video? (Well, more of all three!)

There’s not much extraneous content in this Next Door Homemade release: Jax Thirio and Tom Bentley make out, 69, and fuck. But who needs bells and whistles (or a ridiculous plot) when you have two hot guys with smooth, gym-perfect bodies and thick dicks, who are enjoying themselves as much as they’re enjoying showing off for you? Personally, there’s just something old-school Hollywood about Tom’s face, like he belongs in one of those big, colorful ’50s delinquent teen movies alongside James Dean and Sal Mineo. Which is to say: covered in their cum behind the scenes.

(That being said… Boys! You should know your angles well enough by now that Jax’s head doesn’t end up out of the frame during the fucking! Thank god for that mirror there—for many reasons.)

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