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Cameron Basinger and Jack Andram Get Hands on Training From Scoutmasters Legrand Wolf and Mitch Cox

by Tony Bullock

My name is Cameron and I’m new to the Scouts. My best friend here is Jack.

My favorite Scoutmaster is Scoutmaster Cox. He’s so handsome, with his old-school mustache.

Jack and I got called into Cox’ office because neither of us has any experience of first aiding. Cox then introduced us to Scoutmaster Wolf who’s something of an expert. From the moment he walked into the room, I couldn’t take my eyes off of him.

Scoutmaster Wolf got Jack onto the table and used these wooden splints to demonstrate what to do if someone breaks a leg.

Scoutmaster Wolf then got me to hop onto the table and started pulling my legs around. I could feel my dick getting harder and harder. He just laughed and said “boys will be boys.”

He told me to lean back on the table and pulled my shirt up so he could see my hard dick in my underpants. He said it was impressive.

He took things really slowly with me. He called Jack across, and told him to sit down in front of me and suck me off.

I couldn’t believe the sensation. It made me feel all fizzy.

Scoutmaster Wolf came back and I pulled his giant dick out of his underpants and started to kiss and suck it.

Scoutmaster Wolf lay down on the table. I squatted over him so our dicks were rubbing against each other. He licked his fingers and brought them round to my ass.

I lined my hole up with the tip of his dick and sat down on it. It was enormous and I had to focus so hard to get it in. I started rocking myself up and down. It was the most intense feeling, but I just wanted to ride it harder and faster.

After a while, Wolf asked me to pull out and turn around so that I had my back to him.

A second later, he said he was going to cum. At the same time, he lifted my feet off the table, and the last inch of his dick slid deep into me. I could feel him squirting right inside. I could feel it dripping out of me as he pulled himself out.

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