Adrian Hart and Devin Franco Take Turns on Each Other’s Asses

Adrian Hart and Devin Franco share a steamy flip-flop fuck, ending in them both busting loads on Adrians's smooth body.

I’m starting to develop a complex about showering, because I’ve never left the bathroom and found a sexy muscle guy waiting for me. Maybe that says more about me. Regardless, Adrian Hart towels off and walks in on a horny Devin Franco lounging in bed, and promptly starts sucking his dick. And then these two get to fuck each other till they both shoot loads, and I’m usually just climbing into bed alone with an episode of Murder, She Wrote. I went very wrong somewhere, I think.

Enjoy Monday With This Scorching Cade Maddox-Devin Franco Manalized Release!

(Although Murder, She Wrote has a lot of ’80s style hunks as guest stars, so…)

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