Leo Louis Explores Puppy Play With Edward Terrant in New CockyBoys Release

Armed with pup gear and a butt plug tail, Edward is ready to prove his obedience to Leo and his beer can dick.

New CockyBoys exclusive Leo Louis makes his debut in a memorable way: exploring puppy play with Edward Terrant!

Directed by Raphael Massicotte and Stephen Sherman, the “art film” (which as far as I can tell just means they filmed the guys in a spotlight like sexy shadow puppets) finds Edward fully geared up as Leo’s pup. Whimpering and nuzzling his snout on Leo’s crotch, his devotion finally begins to be rewarded when Leo tweaks his butt plug tail. 

Before long, Leo is eating out Edward’s hole before letting his pup suck his beer can dick prior to an intense fuck in—what else?—doggy style.



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