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Jimmy West Wrestles With Devin Trez’s Big Dick—and Wins

by Tony Bullock

Some guys are born to run. Some guys are born to porn. Count Devin Trez and Jimmy West in the latter, proved by their appearance in the new porn documentary hybrid—eat your ass out, Errol Morris—by that same name.

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Shortly after they’ve posed for the photos and conducted their interviews, they get down tot he real business at hand, climbing into a hot tub together to kiss and caress. Who’ll reach for dick first? Jimmy! Jimmy sinks deeper into the water to deep throat Devin’s big dick. Nice and worked up, Devin is eager to bend Jimmy over to get a taste of his smooth hole. Satisfied that he has his pucker open and eager, Devin works in his rod bareback.

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It’s a tight fit—girl of course it is, look at that thing—but Jimmy would never let down the Federation of Proud Bottoms, and soon he’s pushing back on it. Those ass clenches of his are enough to make Devin lose control and blast off a massive load that sprays everywhere. But Jimmy isn’t done with that thick cock, and gets on his back to keep getting his hole stretched until he unloads thick ropes on his stomach.

Just don’t think about how much lube is now floating with benign luminescence on the surface of the water in that hot tub.

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