Watch Adrian Hart and Devin Franco’s Steamy Flip Fuck

Neither one wants to cum until they've both fucked each other's tight hole.

Like so many of us, Adrian Hart can’t resist playing with his cock while he’s in the shower. But unlike us, he has a naked Devin Franco waiting in bed.


He gets Devin up by stroking his cock and teasing it with his lips. Fully excited, Devin gets his mouth around Adrian’s lengthy fuck-stick. After Devin gets his throat reamed, Adrian returns the favor, licking and sucking every inch of Devin’s cock and hole.

They both take turns sucking and rimming each other until Devin is the first to get his ass plowed bareback from behind. In a sensational flip-fuck, they switch so Adrian can feel Devin’s girth against his prostate.

Adrian’s ass is too tight and hot for Devin to handle as he shoots his load all over Adrian’s ass and licks it up. As Adrian lays back and busts, Devin makes sure he’s there to lick up every drop he can.


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