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A Lighthearted Brat Chat with Jonah Wheeler and Keagan Meaks

by Hayden
Jonah Wheeler & Keegan Meeks

Jonah Wheeler and Keagan Meaks had one of those chats that feels like a mix of deep talk and just messing around. Meaks kicked things off by sharing how he’s kinda into being called a “good boy,” but only if he feels like he’s actually done something to deserve it. He prefers to earn praise rather than receive it for nothing; otherwise, it feels fake and kind of annoying to him.


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The conversation then took a twist into the whole power play vibe, with Meaks admitting he likes to test the waters, especially when there are rules to break. He’s all about seeing if people will actually hold him accountable, kind of like a game to find out if they’re really paying attention. He labels himself a bit of a “brat” for it, saying he respects people more if they call him out when he’s asking for it.

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Keagan Meaks fans looking to learn a bit more about their favorite brat won’t want to miss this exclusive, playful chat with Daddy Wheeler.

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