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Why You Should Follow Gay Hero Jordan Firstman on IG

by Mark Durane

First, he gave us micro impressions of mundane people and inanimate objects. Now, Instagram’s favorite gay Jordan Firstman is holding forth on his stories with follower-submitted Secrets. From the unassuming girl who admits she’s never been faithful to her boyfriend in 12 years to the potential psychopath Firstman suggests should just tear paper instead, the results are wild, messy, and hilarious. And holding your attention through it all is Firstman’s patented combination of Daddy Bear deviltry and gleeful subversiveness.

A writer on Search Party and The Other Two, Firstman made a big splash as the writer for the transcendent Indie Spirit Awards musical ode to LGBTQ+ representation in 2019 films—and the moments you might not have realized—that concluded with a full minute in which the Gay Men’s Chorus of Los Angeles sang Laura Dern’s name as Alex Newell riffed. First a tribute to Laura Dern and now a release valve for people’s weird, dark secrets? That’s gay representation.


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