What’s Hotter: Soccer Uniforms or Hung Guys in Suits?

Suited studs or soccer hunks? Which is going to get you off fastest?

I love a guy in any kind of athletic uniform—why is it that they’re designed not just for performance but also to highlight these jocks’s god-given and creatine-soaked attributes? But then again, is there anything more commandingly sexy than a muscle man practically bursting out of his suit? OK, maybe seeing a hung dude going commando, his thick meat straining down the leg of his suit pants. Which is why today I don’t know what to jerk off to first: MenatPlay’s Strip Poker, with Joe Casio and Sir Peter, or the Southern Strokes soccer team compilation? Can I open two windows and hit play simultaneously? (Although the last time I did that I had to buy anew keyboard…)

What are you going to jack to first? Watch trailers for both below!


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