Euro Pigs Sam Minotaure and Stany Falcone Have a Rough, Sweaty Fuck in the Bar’s Back Room

Stany is extra turned on by Sam's eagerness to be a piggy bottom and take it all, no matter how hard.

Sam Minotaure strips down and readies himself for a hot fuck while Stany settles up his tab at the bar upstairs. Stany’s cock aches for some hot man ass, prompting him to head down to the dungeon and take advantage of Sam’s beautiful backside. Sam’s smooth cheeks pour out of his jockstrap beautifully, making Stany’s mouth water with desire to taste his tight, exposed hole…


Stripping down next to Sam, Stany devours his ass before sliding his throbbing piece between Sam’s round globes. Sam holds himself firmly to the mat, taking Stany’s deep-penetrating member like a total pro. And with the sound of the club above to drown out their grunts, the two fuck harder as Stany feels the heat of Sam’s ass wrap around his cock!

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