Twinks Aiden Ward and Tyler Tremallose Don’t Stay in Their Shorts for Long

How could they, when Aidan's cock is swelling in his jock at the sight of Tyler's tight body and hungry hole?

Sitting side by side in shorts, the conversation turns to Tyler’s guiche piercing. Naturally, Aiden wants to see—but first, there’s some dick sucking he needs, and he’s not disappointed.

Tyler swallows almost all of Aiden’s thick, slightly curved beauty before Aiden returns the favor. He proceeds to move in closer, his face in Tyler’s ass, as he takes in the sight of the piercing.

He is then lured in by the work of art that is Tyler’s hole. Can’t say we blame Aiden for lapping it up, priming the delectable morsel with spit before stretching it open with his big cock.

Aiden fucks Tyler bareback, eventually moving him to the floor, where beautiful things like Tyler belong. Coated with cum.


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