Tom May Be Small, But His Appetite For Dolf Dietrich’s Daddy Dick Is as Big as the Sky!

Adorable twink bottom Tom Bentley gets paired up with hung tattooed daddy Dolf Dietrich for a cum-busting session.

When Tom came in for his assessment, Dolf was immediately impressed with his spirit. He couldn’t have been taller than 5’5″, but Dolf could see he had the heart of a champion. He asked the smaller guy to strip down to give him a look at what he was working with. Tom complied, not questioning his sudden disrobing for a second.

How could Dolf resist? Seeing a little guy so willing to be his made him lose all professional boundaries. He brought Tom close to him, feeling his body against his own, leaning down to kiss him as he did. Tom was thrilled. Dolf was like a giant! Well built, tattooed, handsome, friendly, and incredibly passionate. Their first kiss practically knocked him on his feet, but luckily Dolf held him close.

Tom’s hands found their way to Dolf’s cock, feeling it as it protruded inside his pants. Dolf continued to kiss him as he unbuckled his belt, slowly opening his loins to give Tom a proper view of his manhood.

Dolf watched Tom as the young man gazed on his cock for the first time. Tom’s expressive face showed just how much he worshipped it. He wanted to kiss it and taste it, taking it deep into his mouth. Dolf didn’t hold back. As Tom opened his hungry mouth, Dolf fed him his hot, throbbing cock, feeling it slide between the boy’s lips.

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