Throwback Thursday: Where It All Began for Jonathan and Legrand Wolf on Fun-Size Boys

Reliving the first time Dr. Wolf helped a tentative younger, smaller man ditch his virginity and discover the joys of dick.

We’re kicking it back to the very first release from Fun-Size Boys in 2019 (that’s a lifetime in gay porn): Jonathan in Dr. Wolf’s Office.

Jonathan and Dr. Wolf have come a long way, baby, but the pervy delights of the site—those tiny guys paired with hulking men, the tenderness that gives way to raw lust—are in evidence from the very beginning. Relive the site’s origins below, and enjoy a special Gay Goods discount on memberships to watch even more! Besides, don’t you want to know what Jonathan and the good doctor have been up to recently?

Jonathan’s recently turned 18 and wants to have sex really badly, but he’s afraid it’s going to hurt when he does. Luckily, his doctor is happy to help him with this concern. The young athlete lies on the exam table while the tall, handsome doctor fills his virgin hole with a plug, giving him the feeling of being penetrated.

Dr Wolf is turned on watching his tiny patient being deflowered on his table, watching with pride and excitement as the little guy takes more and more of what he’s given. Jonathan’s cock grows hard against the table, leaking precum as Dr Wolf offers him the chance to upgrade to a real flesh and blood cock.

Jonathan can’t believe he’s finally losing his virginity, but couldn’t be happier to have it happen in the safety and privacy of his doctor’s office!

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