Derek Parker and Josh Stone Get Naked and Hard Poolside

Tis the season for outdoors fun—but does anyone ever stop to think what all that lube and cum are doing to the pH balances in the pool water?

At some point, I would love a companion video to a porn release that is centered on the pool boy.

Not the twunk in a Speedo whose manual labor consists of taking dick. I mean the actual pool boy who comes in on cleanup duty, the one who skims the water, adjusts the chlorine levels, and hoses the cum off the flagstones while also looking at the luminescent sheen from lube now floating at the top of the pool water, pondering the meaning of life. Is this all there is?

Not that Derek Parker and Josh Stone care who is keeping the pool clean. They’re interested in getting a tan and getting off—and not necessarily in that order. Working on a very specific tan line, jockstrap-wearing Josh is quick to suck Derek’s hairy dick. But luckily for the pool boy, the two studs take their lovemaking indoors, where they can be as loud as they want (and the housekeeper can wash the sheets).

Before long, beefy, hairy, muscled hunk Derek is balls deep in the slender otter, fucking him hard and raw before Josh shoots across Derek’s beard and licks it up.

At least someone is concerned about the cleanup here!

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