The Boy Cole Doesn’t Know What Master Adams Wants—But He’s About to Find Out

Left alone in a cage overnight by his new owner, Cole is even hungrier than usual for his master's cock. But first, Master Adams has something he needs from the boy...

Cole had yet to fully understand the needs of his new master. He was used to being fucked and bred right away, giving himself over to his owner completely. But Master Adams seemed to have a different preference. The tall man brought him back to his place and immediately put him into a cage. Cole spent the night there, waiting patiently for any indication of how to please.

Master Adams finally sets him free to help him undress. Cole obeyed, unbuttoning his shirt and removing his pants, curious what the dominant giant wanted. He was impossible to read, save for the swelling of his massive cock. Cole was hungry to taste it, taking his lips to the shaft as he saw it hang in the man’s underwear.

Master Adams didn’t speak, observing as Cole took his member into his mouth, sucking on it with passion. Cole was instantly infatuated with the man’s cock, eager to feel it fill his mouth! Master Adams let the boy explore, licking and swallowing it down as it grew bigger in his grip…

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