Teddy Torres and Milo Madera Have a Quick, Sweaty Fuck While Teddy’s Wife Takes a Call

Don't pity Odette, though—she knew exactly what she was doing when she brought Teddy to this apartment viewing.

Odette knew exactly what she was doing when she brought her husband, Teddy Torres, to the open house. Teddy had been very upfront with her about their price range and expectations, but she had convinced him it would be a fun afternoon excursion, a chance to get out of the house and window shop. Maybe they couldn’t afford it, but they could certainly afford to look, right?

Of course, Odette had already met real estate agent Milo Madera at a previous open house and she knew he was exactly Teddy’s type: hunky and hung. As soon as they walked into the apartment, she knew her plan would work. Odette went on and on about how small the apartment is for the price, and the utter lack of view, fully aware that Milo would be unable to resist that fat Brazilian dick. Once that happened, she’d made plans with a co-worker to call her, offering the the excuse she needs to leave the room. No, she has no interest in this apartment—but if she plays her cards right, she can get Teddy in a good enough mood to spring for the nicer (and more expensive) place she’s had her eye on all along.

And by the time Teddy is done getting plowed by Milo, he’ll probably buy Odette anything she wants!

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