Innocent Scout Ian Levine Finds Himself Ass Up for Scoutmaster Bishop Angus

Even a seasoned scoutmaster like Bishop is shocked at how hungry Ian is—and how skilled.

Scout Ian smiles shyly but stands completely still as his scoutmaster runs his hands over his body. The leader starts with Ian’s ass, massaging the firm, perfectly round cheeks through the boy’s shorts with his large hands. Ian is completely compliant as Scoutmaster Angus confirms the boy’s hardon by rubbing his groin, and then removing the boy’s clothes so Ian’s cock springs free.


Scoutmaster Angus reaches around to the boy’s bubblebutt, squeezing the cheeks and pulling them apart to explore the boy’s virgin hole with his thick fingertips. Wanting inside, the scoutmaster unbuttons his shirt and, before the man’s pants even hit the floor, Ian is on his knees face to face with the biggest, thickest cock he’s ever seen.

Scoutmaster Angus soon has Ian bent over his desk with one knee up on the table, exposing his beautiful pucker to the air, and the boy moans as the older man presses the head of his girthy cock against it. Ian’s ass cheeks bounce as the scoutmaster thrusts harder and harder, and the boy even begins to rock back into the man’s strokes. The young scout’s bubbly ass cheeks get painted with rope after rope of hot jizz from his scoutmaster’s cock.

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