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Strangers Have Sleazy, Rough Sex With Anal Beads

by Tony Bullock

A dark, sweaty sex club on the outskirts of an un-named French city. A young man sits on a bed and massages his dick through his shorts. Mickael David is sexually charged and full of cum. A tall, topless man in black soccer shorts stands at the lockup door. Fred Sneaker exudes danger.

The two men grope each other wantonly. Fred pulls Mickael’s head down to his crotch. Mickael licks Fred’s growing bulge through the shiny fabric of his shorts.

Fred lifts the leg of his shorts and pulls his dick out, feeding it into the mouth of his hungry slave.

Fred forces Mickael to squat on the bed and present his ass to his new master. Fred gets his tongue to work, pulling Mickael’s ass cheeks apart, pushing deep into the crevice.

Fred forces giant anal beads into Mickael’s ass, pushing them in one by one. The sensation is intense. Mickael yells, trying to control the searing pain.

Fred produces a large dildo which he seductively glides over Mickael’s gaping hole, before pushing it in. The dildo forces the beads deeper into his guts.

Fred pulls the dildo out and begins to tug on the string attached to the beads. Mickael braces himself as the beads pop out one by one, jets of lube squirting everywhere. The giant dildo is immediately inserted back into Mickael’s ass.

A moment later, Mickael is on his knees again, sucking and slurping on Fred’s giant, erect meat.

But sometimes a master needs to feel like a slave, and Fred suddenly lies on the bed, encouraging Mickael to take off his sneaker, stand over him and push his sock-covered foot into his master’s face. Fred jerks his impressive tool. Thick squirts of cum fly out of his dick and onto his chest and balls.

To complete the surprise reversal, Mickael allows a few trickles of piss to fall out of his dick onto the body of his former tormentor.

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