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Oliver James Spit-Roasted by Austin Young and Rick Fantana

by Tony Bullock

We reached the tent in the middle of the night and Scoutmaster Fantana, Austin and I got into our sleeping bags straight away. I was in the middle. The Scoutmaster said good night but Austin was feeling horny. He started kissing my neck and pulsing his hips into me. I got rock hard and started to suck him!

Then Austin let out a really loud groan that woke Fantana up!

I felt a massive rush of jealousy as I watched the Scoutmaster sucking Austin, so I decided to squat down and sucked our leader as hard and as deep as I could. My body was shaking. I wanted him with every fiber!

Austin got behind me and stuck his tongue into my hole, then Fantana swung me around, plainly wanting to have me…

I was pleased that he didn’t push it in too far at first. It certainly felt really sexy to feel him inside me while I sucked Austin’s beautiful hardness.

The Scoutmaster made Austin bend over and banged him while looking down at me with those deep, grey eyes.

Then he did me again, this time from the front before pulling out and doing Austin one more time. He really pounded him. Austin started gasping. Great shards of spunk flew out onto his stomach!

Fantana kept ramming into him until he shot inside Austin’s ass. You could see a great blob of cum on Austin’s hole after he’d pulled out.

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