Oliver James and Austin Young Almost Get Caught During a Hot Fuck Outside

Excited to be alone during the day, the horny scouts barely take the time to strip down before they're all over one another's rock hard dicks.

With time limited before their scoutmaster returns, Scouts Austin and Oliver quickly pull off their uniforms, kissing and caressing each other as the air in the tent gets thick with desire. Austin can hardly focus on the buttons of his shirt as he thinks about Oliver’s smooth, athletic body. They wrestle each other to the ground, desperately trying to strip down to nothing.

Austin slides off Oliver’s shorts, giving him a full view of his rock hard cock. So many nights are spent with the two of them fumbling in the dark, it’s good to be able to see what they’re doing in the midday light. Austin takes it in his mouth, tasting its musky flavor before feeling it pulse in the back of his throat.

He looks up to give Oliver a kiss, wiping away his saliva before deeply tongue-knotting with his partner. Oliver leans down, returning the favor of his lean young buddy, taking his balls in his hands and swallowing his shaft down entirely.

Austin feels the boy’s hole as he sucks him off, feeling the intense heat coming off of it as Oliver continues to bob up and down. Austin’s cock gets hard and wet in his mouth, getting it ready for a hasty, passionate fuck.

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