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Mail Sack: Going for Extra Credit With My Hot Professor

by Mark Durane

This story came into our inboxes courtesy of a fan. Read on

I have always liked older men, and now that I’m away at school I’m surrounded by them. In fact, the main reason I took the creative writing class is the professor s just my type. He’s just the man I want to teach me how to give him what I want and what he needs. I get hard every time I see him in his dress slacks that show off that package as he walks around the class, and that tight shirt that shows off his big chest with the first couple of buttons undone giving me a peek at that chest that I want to lay my head on as I play with his nips.

The first day of class, the professor told us that we need to keep a diary of what is going on in our lives and our experience with school. We’d turn them in every other week so he could see how we progressed in his class. I decided to keep two of them: one for class and one for my dirty thoughts. Going to class was hard because of my crush, but it was giving me a lot of material for my other diary!

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We turned in our diary after the second week, and I got a note to come to his office to go over the problems I was having in class. Stopping by, I closed the door behind me.

“Come in son and take a seat,” the professor said from his desk.

“What can I do for you, sir?”

“I see you’re having some trouble with my class. You always seem uncomfortable and like you cannot sit still.”

I blushed. “No sir, I like your class a lot. I’m not sure what you mean?”

“I have been trying to figure it out,” he says looking at me. “And could not find a reason until you turned in your diary yesterday. Here, let me read some of what you wrote.”

Picking up my journal, he stood and walked around the desk.

“‘I sit here in the class every day wondering what it would be like pulling down his slacks to see that he is going commando.  I slowly work my way up to heavy balls and start sucking and licking on them.'”

The professor sits on the corner of the desk and looks me in the eye. “Is this what you want, me to teach you how to pleasure me and be my boy?” I’m so nervous I almost don’t notice that he’s rubbing his bulge.

“It’s OK,” he says softly. “I like to help my students achieve success in my class. Come here. I won’t bite.”

I stood up walked over to him, between his open legs. He grabs me and held me close and starts kissing me deep. I grab his dick and start rubbing it through his tight slacks and we both moan.

“I want you to get down there and take out what you want, boy.” 

I drop to my knees and start sucking his dick through his pants, feeling like a starving man as I suck.

“Oh yeah, that feels good, boy. Get your face in there and take a good whiff. It is what you always wanted to do, right?”

After I was done sniffing my prize, I looked up at my professor with a big smile on my face as I slowly unzipped his pants. Just like in my fantasy, he was commando. I pulled out his thick dick and gave it a few tugs. Seeing precum leaking from the tip, I leaned in put the head in my mouth. 

“Oh yeah that’s it, take it slow, you don’t have to get it all down on the first go. I’ll help you till you get it all and my balls hit your chin.” I slowly give him head while I play with his balls. “Ooh, you’re a quick study,” my professor moans above me, which only makes me suck harder.

The professor stands up and slowly undresses, so I can take in the view of the man I’ve fantasized about for weeks.

He pulls me off his cock and we stand, kissing each other as our cocks rub against one another. The professor rubs and fingers my rosebud, pushing me over his desk to finger fuck me. He spreads my ass open and starts licking and eating my hole, making me moan for more.

“Deeper, sir, deeper! It feels so good!”

“You want it deeper? I have something that will go deep and make you want more after each class.” As he says that, he slaps and rubs his hard dick on my ass crack. He slowly jabs the tip in a few times, and I just moan until finally the tip pops in.

I whimper and arch my back as my professor’s dick slowly sinks in.

“Good boy, you’re doing good. You got it all in you now, my balls are resting against your ass. I’m going to start slow then pick up speed.”

“Yes sir,” I moaned as he started to thrust into me. “You’re in charge!”

The professor grabs my hips and gives my ass a few slaps as he gradually speeds up. He alternates between fast and slow strokes. 

“Mmm it’s been a while since I’ve had my dick in a hole this tight, boy.” He slowly pulls out and sits in his chair, stroking his fat dick and looking at me. “Come here and sit on it. If I keep fucking you like that I’m going to come, and I want to make it last a little longer.”

I jump off the desk and get down on my knees in front of him first, taking the meat that was just in my ass into my mouth to tease my professor even more.

“Oh, you’re learning fast how to treat a man,” he moans above me.

I look up smiling as I suck his dick, then stand up and straddle the chair. I slowly sit down on his dick and bottom, then I slowly ride him. I start going faster, and as I am bouncing on his dick he starts thrusting into me and meeting my bounces.

“Oh fuck, boy, I am going to cum!”

His cock pops out and starts shooting on my back. I grab it and sit back down on it till he unloads deep inside me. After he finishes shooting, I get down on my knees and start cleaning off his spent dick.

“Son, I think we need to have a meeting at least once a week about any other fantasy you’re having about me. I also noted a few other professors you mention in passing that might need to join us.”

I smile up at him, licking his cum-covered cock clean.

“That would be wonderful, sir!” I always like to give pleasure to my teachers in any way I can to release the stress they have teaching us!”

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