Mail Sack: 3 Horned Up Twinks Play a Very Dirty Game of Never Have I Ever

Welcome to Mail Sack, the Carnal Media-sponsored contest in which fans submit their hottest stories to be filmed.

Welcome to Mail Sack, Carnal Media’s contest in which fans submitted their perviest fantasies for a possible upcoming scene. The Gay Goods will be publishing the 10 semi-finalists, starting with “Never Have I Ever.” 

Three twinks in slutty undies are having a sleepover, laying on pillows and blankets on the floor and laughing and talking about boys. Daddy pops his head in the door and tells them it’s lights out time. The bratty boys roll their eyes and say OK. Daddy checks out their perky little asses before closing the door.

Adam tells Peter that his Daddy is hot and asks if he’s ever done anything with him. Peter answers “no” and Tommy suggests playing “Never have I ever.” They agree and Peter pulls out his piggybank, which they empty and divide up the pennies.

Tommy says, “Never have I ever been fucked by my Daddy” and puts his penny in the piggybank. Peter does the same. Adam proceeds to tell the story of how his Daddy fucked him.

Fade to Adam and his Daddy sitting on a sofa. Mommy gets up and says she hates scary movies and is turning in. Daddy and Adam remain watching the horror movie until something scares Adam, who jumps onto Daddy’s lap and into his arms. Daddy comforts his boy and begins feeling him up. The boy is extra slutty and seduces his reluctant Daddy, who tries to resist at first. After getting the best head of his life, Daddy admits he’s been dreaming of this for years before eating and fucking his son’s ass.

Back at the sleepover, Adam says, “Never have I ever been tag-teamed” and puts a penny in the piggybank. Peter does the same. Tommy tells the story of his two favorite uncles.

Fade to two hot men sitting on a sofa reminiscing about sluts they’ve fucked. Tommy enters and says, “Uncle Dick! Uncle Rod! I didn’t know you were visiting! Where’s Daddy?” and gives his hot uncles a kiss on the cheek. Uncle Rod replies that his mother’s shitty car broke down and his Daddy went to save her. As Tommy rolls his eyes and leaves the room, Uncle Dick notices his slutty shorts and asks his brother, “Why does Woody let him dress like that? Might give people the wrong idea.” Rod answers, “Trust me, it’s not the wrong idea.”

Dick doesn’t believe it so Rod replies, “I’ll prove it” and calls the boy back in the room. “Show your Uncle Dick what you and me get up to when nobody’s around.” Tommy flashes a huge smile, gets on his knees in front of his hot uncle, and buries his face in his crotch. Uncle Dick is shocked and too turned on to refuse. Both men fuck the slutty boy, who is clearly in heaven.

At the sleepover, all three boys are now openly jacking off. Tommy says, “Never have I ever shared someone’s Daddy” and puts his penny in the piggybank. Adam does the same. Peter can’t take it anymore, says “Fuck this,” goes to the door and calls for Daddy.

Daddy enters the room saying, “You boys should be sleeping by…” and sees all three boys jacking their erect cocks. Daddy’s shocked, “What the…” but Peter puts his finger to his lips, shushing him, then grabs his Daddy’s cock through his pants and says, “Please, Daddy?” Before he can do anything to stop it, Daddy is on his back on the floor with two boys taking turns sucking his big cock while his son sits on his face. Daddy fucks all three boys and feeds them all his load as they kneel before him with their tongues out.

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