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Jonah Wheeler wants to be “people’s Dad on camera”

by John Stevens
Jonah Wheeler, a brunette bearded man is facing the camera. He is wearing a denim jacket with sheep skin lining. He has no shirt underneath and a hairy chest. He is sitting next to Tyler Tanner, a smiling young man with a black and white shirt saying "Playboy 53".

The tables have turned, now our on-site GayVN correspondent Jonah Wheeler is the interviewee! Newly exclusive Tyler Tanner spoke with the charming stud about his favorite porn scene he’s ever shot, what custom content he would get for himself and also what is the secret to his flawless skin.

When asked about what content he would love to be customized for him, without hesitation he chose Clifford Packer. Clifford is a niche performer with a sweet voice and delightful dick . At Tyler’s suggestion of receiving a custom video from him, Jonah does not miss a beat:

“Hi Cliff I’m coming for you, I’m going to cum for coming for you.” Cheeky.


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Caught in the middle

It doesn’t surprise us that Jonah loves a role-play based performer as he’s made his bread and butter playing dads.

“I just want to be people’s Dad on camera,” he tells a giggling Tyler. Jonah has definitely played dads and older male role models. At Carnal he has performed for ScoutBoys, Gaycest and BoyForSale. But he is definitely aware that his sparkling visage can seem at odds with his characters.

“I’m kind of caught in this middle-space between boyish and Dad, and I’m gonna be there for another decade.”

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Tyler is shocked at Jonah’s age (thirty-five,) immediately believing it to be due to his skincare routine. Although Jonah does have a six-step routine (which he shared on his TikTok recently,) he is under no illusions that having a Chinese dad also plays a hand in his visage.

Jonah’s charming manner, humorous insights, and handsome smile has been a delight to write about as he’s interviewed many other performers at the GayVN Awards this year.

Thanks Jonah and Tyler we can’t wait to see more of you at Carnal!

Sources: CarnalPlus, Instagram, TikTok

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