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Euro Stud Gets Bound and Used in Sleazy Sex Club Basement

by Tony Bullock

Maxxime kneels, naked, in a dungeon, in the basement of a sleazy sex club. This sexy blond twink is horned-up and ready for sex…

Billy’s a young otter with thick stubble and a well-sculpted chest. He enters the dungeon holding a long, black rope. He wants Maxxime.

Billy ties the twink’s wrists together before adeptly using the rope to fully incapacitate his prey. Maxxime moves his mouth towards his master’s crotch and eagerly runs his soft lips over the bulge in Billy’s sweats.

He pulls Maxxime onto a bench and starts to power-thrust his manhood into the young man’s mouth with increasing speed. He’s excited to see how much abuse he can inflict on Maxxime’s throat without the young man gagging. Maxxime’s uncut shaft twitches with nervous anticipation.

Billy pushes Maxxime onto his back and pulls his legs apart. He slides a condom over his hard-on and sinks his now-glistening meat into the young man’s tight hole.

The banging is frantic, fast and wild. Billy uses his well-defined leg muscles to jackhammer his cock into his slave’s rope-tied body. Maxxime pants and gasps.

Billy slaps Maxxime’s face aggressively, then roughly grabs at the twink’s hardening nipples. The rope loosens around Maxxime’s body. He grabs his own meat and frantically jerks it as his insides are ferociously torn apart.

Maxxime roars. Long jets of sticky spunk fly out everywhere. Billy pulls out and tugs himself until ribbons of manjuice spray over the twink’s tight body.


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