Drew Dixon Gets Happily Pounded by Both Sir Peter and Audrey Vic’s Uncut Dicks

By the time Drew's pre-fuck interview is over, he's desperate to get tag-teamed for the cameras and truly, who could blame him when Sir Peter and Audrey Vic are waiting?

There’s a lot happening behind Drew Dixon’s eyes as he sits down for an interview in this new Lucas Entertainment release. As he answers questions, you can see the impatient knowledge that, once the talking ends, the fucking begins. The fucking in this case involving Sir Peter and Andrey Vic’s uncut cocks absolutely brutalizing Drew’s ass all over the set, showing off his tight six-pack and uncanny ability to take raw dick. Honestly, no one has been this excited for an interview to end since Prince Charles watched Oprah interrogating his son and daughter-in-law.

Check out the trailer below and see what I mean!

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