Dean Dixon Returns to Sean Cody, Complete With Man Bun

After some naked handstands he's ready to remind us all of us particular skills, using a very willing Dax as a demonstration.

We all coped with the pandemic in different ways, and many of us tried new hairstyles. Why not, safe in our own homes, explore a brand new look? Maybe that’s why Dean Dixon makes his triumphant return to Sean Cody to fuck Dax with a man bun. But you’d better believe it is swept up and out of the way so he can concentrate on the fucking he gives Dax—much to the bottoms delight.

That they also compare handstands lends this a real “hot for yoga teacher” vibe that we’re mostly on board with, too. Especially when it’s followed up by some deep dicking action. But don’t take our word for it—check out the trailer!

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