Austin Young Gets Called in to Principal Kamp’s Office for His Anal Punishment

Austin finds himself in a bit of trouble with Principal Kamp when his previous on-campus sexcapades finally catch up with him.

The gruff German Principal Kamp has heard all about Austin fucking and sucking the faculty and students, and he’s ready to give him some proper discipline.

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Austin had become a bit of a problem. He knew he was quite appealing to some of the bigger students… and even some of the faculty! It was bound to reach Principal Kamp’s attention that he’d been sleeping around. And while the gruff, mature administrator didn’t like to meddle in his pupils’ affairs, he couldn’t ignore Austin’s indiscretions.

To the boy’s surprise, Principal Kamp didn’t immediately expel him. Instead, he chose an old-fashioned punishment. The German daddy told him to bend over his desk, resting his elbows on the desktop and presenting his ass. Austin felt the shock of the man’s hand smacking his backside. It sent a jolt of pain throughout his body, pulsating back to where the palm had made contact. It stung, but slowly it subsided. Then another smack followed. This time there was a bigger sting, building off of the previous pulse of pain.

Austin held himself in place, stunned by the man’s corporal punishment. He couldn’t remember the last time he’d been spanked. And having it be at the hand of this much older, bigger, more powerful man… it did something to him that he had not anticipated. Suddenly, he felt a stirring in his loins. He felt vulnerable and small, but also incredibly turned on…

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