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Dolf Dietrich Gets Ian Levine Alone and Against the Shower Wall

by Tony Bullock
After surviving the outbreak, Ian and Mark are staying in shape by joining Trainer Dolf’s private workout classes. Ian has been admiring the man all day, and follows his trainer into the shower after their workout is over.


He discovers other muscles that need training, and is not disappointed by the thick, heavy cock on Trainer Dolf. The man is over a foot taller than him, trim and well-muscled, and Ian can’t keep his hands off the cockringed meat swinging between his trainer’s thighs.

Trainer Dolf’s approach to all his workouts is very hands-on. He encourages Ian with broad hands soaping and caressing the boy until he can’t take it anymore. He has to get back inside the boy. After a rimjob and a generous blowjob that leaves Ian weak in the knees, Trainer Dolf presses slowly into the hole he had the honor of deflowering.

Their lovemaking is rhythmic but sensual. And long after Trainer Dolf drops a massive load of cum deep inside the twink, he presses the boy against the tile wall under the hot water and continues to thrust slowly to make sure Ian’s hole is sufficiently worked.

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