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Co-Founder of Cybersocket Tim Lutz Passes Away

by Mark Durane

Tim Lutz, who co-founded Cybersocket with Morgan Sommer in 1997, died August 20. He was 58.

Sommer shared the news on his Instagram account.


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Founded in 1997, Cybersocket quickly gave rise to the Cybersocket Gay Net Directory, Cybersocket Magazine (“Ultimate Resource for Gay Erotica”), and the Cybersocket Web Awards. Earlier this summer, NSFW.Army purchased the company.

“Tim was at peace with what was happening to him and he was ready to go,” Sommer tells The Gay Goods. “He had spent considerable time in the past few weeks talking with me and other people in his life about this inevitable process. He fought to win, until it was clear that no treatment or positive attitude was going to change the outcome of this kind of cancer. He was not afraid of death, just as he was not afraid of life.

“He and I shared a lot of life over the past 25 years as friends and business partners, and as life partners for 14 of those years, and as co-parents to Billy for 14 years. We started a successful business together and sold it when it was clear it was time for us both to let it go.  After we changed our personal relationship we were both married to other people and continued to support each other’s evolution and happiness. As business partners we were a good balance to each other and could often be contentious but we always agreed that until we agreed we took no action. That worked for us, but it did lead to some very heated and impassioned discussions—we were both alphas.

As Tim started to deteriorate rapidly over the past eight weeks, he put his life in order, talked to people he needed to connect with, and prepared himself. He is now free of pain and suffering and onto his soul’s next adventure. His friend lifelong Tina Fiori and her mother were there for him extensively over the past nine months taking care of him to the end.”

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