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“There’s lube on everything” Jack Waters summer in Gran Canaria

The porn actor has since gone on hiatus

by John Stevens
Blonde haired Jack Waters is speaking to Jonah Wheeler off-screen. He is sitting in from of a blue backdrop with the words "Joysticks to Politi-" written in white writing. He's wearing a white tank top and has a black bag strap over his right shoulder.

A house filled with studs in the Canary Islands all ready to shoot porn for three months sounds like heaven. For Jack Waters, it was reality, and the experience led to some of the work he’s most proud of performing over the past year.

Jack spoke to Jonah Wheeler at the GayVN awards earlier this year to speak about his summer in Gran Canaria, the third-largest island in the Spanish archipelago.

“I really loved almost all the content I made over there [Gran Canaria],” said Jack. “It was so fun, it was such a great environment and atmosphere… that was my proud moment of last year.”


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Jack’s big smile was ablaze as he spoke with Jonah about the reality of living in a villa (which luckily had a cleaning staff) with an gaggle of porn actors.

“There’s lube on everything,” he cheekily told Jonah.

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Since our interview, Jack Waters announced he is on hiatus after deleting his professional socials and stating via his X account that he is on a mental health break but that he’ll be “back soon.” His last updates were at the beginning of April this year.

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