Caught Jerking in the Bathroom, Seb Lucks Out and Gets to Fuck Atlant Instead

Atlant Adam offers up his hungry mouth and hole when he catches hung Euro stud, Seb Destructor beating his meat in the bathroom.

When Atlant Adam pushed open the door, Seb was immediately caught off guard, thinking he was alone and able to nut in private. The dark-haired man told him not to stop, even offering his hungry mouth to help assist him. Seb was not about to turn down a blowjob, especially when he’s already primed and ready to get his cock wet.


Adam bobbed his head up and down on the handsome man’s shaft, feeling his saliva slick his movements back and forth. He could feel the thick meat fill his mouth, pushing to the back of his throat and tickling his neck just before sliding down.

Adam could feel Seb getting closer to cumming, clenching his ass over and over to hold longer. The horny visitor bent over the toilet, pulling down his pants and offering up his tight hole to take a real fucking. Seb didn’t hesitate in shoving his wet cock deep in Adam’s ass, feeling it massage his manhood practically from tip to taint. He grinds into him, feeling Adamtake it all in stride, grateful for every inch he could give.

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