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Brainless Blogs | BrainsForSale?

by Jad

It’s that time of the week, where a gay blog sprays its metaphorical drink at gay porn for views. (*SPPFFT* Actors playing daddies and sons, engaging in intercourse? Unconscionable!). Under the spotlight today is BoyForSale, a recently launched site with a focus on buy-and-sell sexual ownership of young, twinky men by older, affluent Daddies. Clearly, this combines various common fetishes – dom-sub, daddy-boy/son, financial domination, etc. But Zach is too busy rattling his pearls by clutching them to hear common sense.

I’ve never seen any studio having to do so much explaining with that much of a disclaimer, but I guess it’s good to know that they don’t actually support sex trafficking?! Yikes… —“Zach,” clutching his anal-bead rosary.

People seem to struggle with the concept of fantasy, especially in porn. Zach, you should know that people like you are probably why BoyForSale needs a lengthy disclaimer. Zach strikes me as the kind of person who watched Fifty Shades of Grey as a gut-wrenching documentary on domestic abuse. I worry for Zach. (Zach, you know the shower gets slippery when it’s wet, right? Just checking.)

Other concerns raised by Zach as he watched naked men engaging in intercourse:

  1. How can these men can afford so many boys after the 2008 financial crisis?
  2. Is BoyForSale’s Austin Young afforded clothes beyond a bowtie?
  3. How exactly did Armond Rizzo came to have 30+ fathers?

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