Bald Bit of Rough Jake Gets Absolutely Drenched in Damian Boss’s Cum

Name something hotter than a bald muscle guy turned into a whimpering bottom boy. I'll wait.

These Brits are hot. Hot like fire. There’s nothing sexier than seeing a tough, bald muscle guy turned into a whimpering bottom pig by the right dick, and that’s just what Damian Boss does to Jake D: make him just another place to get his dick off.

In addition to a particularly climactic cum shot that absolutely drenches Jake, this one’s got a very hot face fucking scene where you can see Jake trying so hard to be a good boy and keep that dick deep in his throat but also desperately needing to breathe. And Damian doesn’t make it easier, either. After that, can you blame Jake for being eager to bend over and take it up the ass instead? Check out some of the best moments below, and watch the full video here!

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