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Ari Koyote and Sherman Maus Share a Passionate Makeout Session

by Tony Bullock

Wearing matching briefs and glasses, Sherman Maus and Ari Koyot are passionately kissing one another, enjoying their mutual attraction. But Sherman subtly slides his fingers into Ari’s mouth with just a little bit of force, reminding Ari that although they’re having a romantic, tender moment now, Sherman is still very much in control.

Ari thrills at the man’s show of dominance, happily rubbing his pecs and tweaking his nipples as his hands travel further south, grasping Sherman’s bulge. That’s all the incentive Sherman needs to pull his briefs off and lay down, letting Ari worship his cock.

Ari looks so cute, with his mouth hanging open and Sherman’s heavy dick resting on his face! Then it’s Ari’s turn to get a tongue bath from Sherman, who locks eyes with Ari as he starts toying with his pussy. It doesn’t take long before Ari is soaking wet and begging to get fucked.

Sherman gets him on his back, leg on his shoulder, as he starts sliding in and out of him. “Right there,” Sherman grunts as he feels Ari responding to him. The scruffy bottom is in ecstasy with Sherman plunging in and out of him, eventually climbing on top to fuck himself.

As Sherman gets closer he asks Ari, “Want this load?” Of course the answer is yes, and Sherman shoots on Ari’s belly before slamming his cumming dick back into that tight pussy to finish off inside him.

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