After the Game, These 4 Baseball Hunks Go for Extra Innings

In the locker room, it's bottoms up for these hunky pitchers and catchers.

I spent a lot of time at Wrigley Field growing up, watching the game. “The game” here meaning the asses and bulges of the players; my version of learning that Santa isn’t real was learning that the bulges were all protective cups. I’ve never fully recovered.

But luckily there’s porn, to bring all of our fantasies to breathing, ejaculating life. The bulges in this release from Colby Knox are all very real, finding Troye Jacobs, Eli Lincoln, Colby Chambers, and Mickey Knox clad in full baseball gear, each getting the chance to be worshipped by the other three on the weight bench in the locker room.

Afterwards they all pair off as they suck each other’s hard, throbbing dicks and eat each other’s plump jock butts, before both Troye Jacobs and Eli Lincoln spread their cheeks to get dicked down. But like I learned at Wrigley: Baseball is all about teamwork, and these four are team players to a tee, so they all end up in a four-way, cum-drenched sandwich!

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