8 Rounds (and Inches) in the Ring With Chris Damned and Beau Butler

After working up a sweat int he ring, these two studs get drenched all over again on what appears to be a Nancy Meyers set.

For whatever reason, Next Door didn’t include any photos of Beau Butler and Chris Damned in their boxing outfits for the release of “Boxing Bros,” so you’ll have to rely on the trailer to understand how hot these two look in the trunks and gloves. Not quit hot enough to make you overlook the dangerous lighting situation and the cords that litter the boxing ring, posing quite the safety threat, but pretty hot regardless!

For the actual fucking, they retire to a tastefully muted living room and couch, as shown in the photos the studio actually released. These two look great anywhere, but what a missed opportunity for some new phone wallpaper, am I right guys?

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