4-Part Series ‘Caught Raw-Handed’ Reaches Its Climax With Adam Russo and Michael Boston

Written and directed by Pierce Paris and Ben Rush, the Masquilin mystery ends in a puddle of spilled DNA.

To paraphrase Raymond Chandler: There are bottoms and bottoms. And then there’s Michael Boston.

In the climactic release of thrilling series Caught Raw-Handed, a shocking revelation about Detective Adam Russo puts catfish victim Michael Boston in more than one vulnerable position. But, with yet a second twist to come, it’s hard to determine who exactly is playing whom.

Using the officer’s nightstick, Michael opens himself up for Adam, who then takes such heavy-handed control of the situation that it leaves a lasting red print on Michael’s juicy ass cheeks. To take Michael’s mind off the stinging pain, Adam rams his baton in and out of Michael’s accommodating

asshole before wetting Michael’s delicious sweet spot with his tongue.

What follows is a rough, desktop fuck-fest that leaves a handcuffed Michael sweaty and drenched and ultimately covered in DNA that just may help catch a perp. So, who actually gets it in the end? Look for the puddle of clues splashed across every open hole in the room.

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